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You find yourself in the vision of North Wanderers ? Good !

Why not becoming a Brand Ambassador ? We are a smiling community of History, fiction & adventure lovers, united by the will to positivly popularize the memory & folklore of ancient Europeans people, from the bronze Age to the Viking Era.

We are trying to bring back some magic in our present world ; Exploring, learning, sharing with a true romantic spirit.

Did you know that Ambassador came from the term Ambactos in Celtic/Gallic Langage ? It can mean someone's ready to defend a cause and fight for it. Of course, there will be no war involved here. Not even virtual. But we have a mission. And we are founding a Fellowship to succeed it.

No ring involved. We promise.

A NW Ambassador gets...

Rewards in Oak Crowns, an usable money all over our products

Exclusive news & products

Oak Crowns depending on their community's engagement

A unique ambassador code

A subscribing to the Ambassador's newsletter

We wait from her/him to

Be bold, be adventurous, be a north wanderer

Have an active social profile or to be active in real life on various events

Display contents that fits in the aethetic universe/spirit of the Brand.

Have a profile free of obvious politics appartenance and free of considered negative or discriminating symbols.
(Triskell & Mjollnir are NOT negative symbols)

Promote the brand, its products, projects and mission, with passion & courtesy

To share and spread their ambassador code to their community

Apply now !

Your application must include a link to your social networks. Otherwise, it will be automatically rejected.